I offer psychological immigration evaluations to determine if individuals are able to lawfully remain in the United States. These evaluations are provided online anywhere in Texas.

What is an immigration evaluation and why do you need it?

An immigration evaluation is a detailed clinical assessment which is used to support immigration proceedings.

You might need an immigration evaluation if you are involved in an immigration case and your lawyer has recommended you get a “psychological evaluation” to help with your case. The goal of this evaluation is to give the individuals who are reviewing and making a decision about your case, a better idea of your background and circumstances. It is used to help immigration courts decide if a person should remain in the United States. The evaluation documents mental health conditions as well as how deportation would affect the individual and his or her family.

A comprehensive evaluation when completed by a licensed mental health professional can reveal a lot of important information about your immigration struggles and mental health. This can then help your lawyer move your case forward. The benefits of an immigration evaluation are immense. In general, only about 40% of asylum cases are approved, but cases that include an immigration evaluation have an almost 82% approval rate. Perhaps the best step you can take in seeking asylum in the U.S. is to have an evaluation.

What can you expect during your immigration evaluation?

I will begin with an interview to gather information. We will meet two times, with each session being 1-2 hours long. During the interview, I will ask questions about

  • past trauma
  • previous mental health diagnoses
  • your plans for the future
  • your current mental health
  • your current situation
  • what support system you have in the U.S.
  • how deportation would affect you and your family

When needed, I will work with your attorney or other people familiar with the case.  This could be family members, doctors, or other pertinent individuals. I will also be using assessment tools to give more insight on your mental health.  The main goal is always for you to feel comfortable and heard.  I will work with compassion and grace.  This is NOT a test or a way to trick you.

What type of immigration evaluations are provided?

I conduct the following types of evaluations:

  1. Extreme Hardship Cases
  2. Spousal Abuse (VAWA) Cases
  3. Political Asylum Cases
  4. U Visa Cases
  5. T Visa Cases
  6. Cancellation of Removal Cases

Fees and Policies

In-depth Psychosocial Evaluations: base fee $650

  • 2-4 hours in client session, typically over 2 sessions depending on need
  • gathering of information from outside sources
  • personal detailed interview
  • detailed report with history, assessment scores, diagnosis, and recommendations
  • mental health support referrals if necessary
  • online interview

Cancellation & Late Arrival

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy in effect for Immigration Evaluations.  If the appointment is cancelled  with less than 24-hours notice, you will be subject to a $150 fee. If you do not show up and do not call (no call/ no show) for your appointment, you will be charged $150.

Immigration Evaluations FAQ

  • Do you take insurance?

    • No, psychological immigration assessments are not covered by insurance.

  • How long is an assessment valid?

    • Typically, psychological assessments for an immigration case are valid for one year. After one year, we will need to meet again to update the report or be subject to getting a new assessment done.

  • How soon can I start with a psychological assessment?

    • As soon as your attorney requests for you to get an assessment done, please reach out to begin the process. It can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks to have your report completed and signed.

  • Can you guarantee that the psychological assessment will help win my case?

    • NO! Although we cannot guarantee that you will win your case with a psychological assessment, the assessment will strengthen and support your case.

  • Do you have any articles that show how immigration evaluations can help?

Is counseling available for immigrants?

Yes! I understand that this process can be extremely difficult. I want to help people in their journey to find healing, so I offer counseling for adults who are feeling anxious, depressed, or stressed.

You can call the office at 281.454.3509 or click HERE to book your free consultation.