I am a huge advocate for taking the stigma out of mental health and believe my role is to help you understand your emotions and reactions while learning how to take back control. As your therapist, I want to be your guide while you let go of fear and shame and reclaim your self-worth. Even in a virtual space, I want our therapy sessions to feel safe, open and inviting. I’m committed to helping you reach your goals through multiple means including EMDR, narrative therapy, and DBT to name a few.


Regain control over your life and emotions

Regain control over your life and emotions

Sometimes you get to a point where you just can’t keep going with your life the way it is.  Something needs to change.  Whether it’s the constant feeling of anxiety, the ever present overwhelm, or always feeling like you’re on the brink of crying or screaming, I can help.  Through the use of techniques like mindfulness, controlled breathing, and bilateral stimulation (EMDR) I will guide you through ways to calm your emotions and get back your happiness.


Education & Licensure

  • Masters of Education in Counseling from Sam Houston State University
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) 2011
  • Certified School Counselor 2008

Trainings & Certifications

  • Trained in EMDR by EMDRIA approved provider
  • Trained in Narrative Therapy
  • Trained in Ego states (similar concept to IFS)
  • Trained in DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy)
  • Trained in Immigration Evaluations
  • Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Am I the right fit?

One of the most important aspects of counseling is that you have a connection with your therapist.  This means you feel comfortable speaking to him or her and have a strong enough connection to feel vulnerable.  This will not necessarily happen in the first few sessions, but feeling at ease will be essential to you making progress.  Sometimes I am the right fit, and sometimes I’m not.  That’s OK!  I want you to have the best experience possible.  Keep reading, and if you feel good about what you’re reading, click the contact me button.