Frequently Asked Questions

The relationship with your therapist is one of the most important aspects of therapy. You feel like you’ve tried everything. The apps, the books, the exercise, the journals, but nothing works and you feel more alone than ever.  This is where I come in. I help you dive into your beliefs, emotions and behaviors where we work together to help you feel good about yourself again. We figure out what’s keeping you stuck and find a solution. A good way to tell if we are a good match is if you feel safe, heard, and connected. I welcome you to a free 15-minute consultation.

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Our first few sessions will focus on making sure you are comfortable and learning about you and your counseling priorities. I want to know your concerns and where you want to be/how you want to feel when our time together is finished. We will then discuss which modalities may fit you best. Things you may be asked to do in a session: reflect, express emotions, share thoughts and opinions, follow eye movements, or practice fast and slow tapping. Beginning therapy can make you feel exposed and vulnerable. Please know, I am here to support you from beginning to end.

In a nutshell, yes.  Keeping your personal information private is a cornerstone of psychotherapy.  Not only is it extremely important to our ongoing therapeutic relationship (because no one wants to share or be vulnerable if they think their therapist can’t keep their info confidential!), but I’m obligated by my ethical codes to keep confidentiality. Everything you tell me is confidential with a few exceptions: If I feel that you are an immediate danger to yourself or others, I can break confidentiality to keep you or them safe.  I am mandated to report if I hear about or suspect abuse of anyone under the age of 18, someone with a disability, or an elderly person.  I must comply with a request of confidential information if a judge subpoenas information; however, you would be notified, and we would process the event together.

Honestly, this is different for everyone.  Some people feel better and that their issues are resolved in a few sessions, while others feel that therapy is an integral part of their lives and keep sessions ongoing for years. All people are unique, and we will discuss together what the best fit for you will be at your first session (This may look like weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions.) Typically, we begin with weekly sessions until we get to know each other, and you begin to see progress. It is much harder to build good momentum and make make you frustrated with lack of progress if we meet too infrequently. My main goal as a therapist is for you to meet your goals.  When this happens you are “released” from therapy. We will explore that decision together with the understanding that you are welcome to come back at any time.

Your initial session is $185 and 75-90 minutes.  I charge $150 per standard session, and each session is approximately 50 minutes. I accept payment through all major credit cards.  This is the most effective form of payment since all clients need to have a credit card on file in case of no shows/cancellations.

Unfortunately I cannot accept payment via Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, etc. due to lack of HIPAA security and data privacy concerns.

Kids get sick, something goes wrong at work, or you don’t feel well. Although I understand life happens, your appointment time has been reserved just for you.  There is a 24-hour cancellation policy, and you will be charged the full session fee if you cancel within that 24 hour window.

I see people online through a secure HIPAA compliant telehealth platform. Please click HERE to visit the Telehealth Center for more detailed information regarding teletherapy.

In most instances, yes.  There are a few situations where in person therapy is best.  We will discuss those during your free consultation to make sure you are a good fit for online therapy. Please click HERE to visit the Telehealth Center for more detailed information regarding teletherapy.

No, you must be physically located in Texas at the time of your session in order to participate in teletherapy.  My license only allows me to practice within the confines of the state in which I am licensed. Please click HERE to visit the Telehealth Center for more detailed information regarding teletherapy.

No. As an ethical therapist, I am always striving to provide you with the best possible care, and insurance often gets in the way of that. A requirement of in-network insurance providers is to provide you a diagnosis and report certain treatment information. They are even within their rights to request treatment notes. I feel that these disclosures violate your right to privacy, even though they are legal.

Also, while diagnoses can be helpful, they can carry stigma, and I believe we can work through what you’re experiencing largely without potentially harmful labels. Some insurance providers also set limits on how long they will cover your sessions, how many sessions you can have, and which diagnoses they will cover.

1) Insurance companies typically require a diagnosis to be made after the first session. This means that after meeting with you for the initial assessment a diagnosis is required to bill insurance. It is not always appropriate to diagnose someone after only one encounter.

2) Insurance companies are able to request your records at any time and for any reason. They are paying for services rendered, and can request access to your health records. By paying for services yourself, you maintain the confidentiality of your therapy.

3) Insurance companies typically set the amount of therapy sessions to be financially covered. Limiting therapy to a timeline set by a third party can sometimes prevent therapy goals from being met.

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The name was taken from that well of strength that all people possess, even if it feels like you don’t. I will help you find YOUR hidden “stone” so you can feel happy and content. Peace, Courage, Love, Strength, Faith, and Hope are just a few examples of hidden stones you possess and will aid you in taking back control of your life.

As of January 2022, healthcare providers are required to provide a good faith estimate. A Good Faith Estimate (or GFE) is an estimate of the total expected costs of non-emergency healthcare items or services. The GFE:

  • Intends to offer transparency & predictability in how much clients will be charged for healthcare services

  • Includes all regularly scheduled appointments (ex. therapy sessions) and may also include fees related to paperwork requests, consultations with client contacts (ex. doctors or another therapist), and other legal and administrative fees related to your care, when such items are scheduled in advance.

  • Does NOT include no-shows, late cancellations, court ordered business on your behalf, or other services related to crisis care, which by definition are unexpected and cannot be predicted for the purpose of compiling a Good Faith Estimate in advance.

In my practice, I offer Good Faith Estimates that project out 3 months in advance. This is based on my current rates and the frequency of sessions that we mutually agree upon in advance. Your GFE will be provided as part of your intake forms. You can also ask me or any other provider you choose, for a Good Faith Estimate before you schedule a service, or at any time during treatment.

If you receive a bill that is at least $400 more than your Good Faith Estimate, you can dispute the bill. Make sure to save a copy or picture of your Good Faith Estimate.


  • Your Good Faith Estimate is only that: an estimate. Actual healthcare services, charges, or items may differ or change throughout the year, even for long-term established clients. However, I will never schedule healthcare services or items without client consent, and clients may request an updated Good Faith Estimate at any time.

  • The Good Faith Estimate is not a contract, and does not bind, obligate, or require any client to obtain psychotherapy services from me at any time. It is also not a binding contract of current rates. You will be notified prior to services of any rate increases, at which time you will have the option to continue services, request a referral, or terminate.

For questions or more information about your right to a Good Faith Estimate visit

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